Brass - Trumpet


Brass (Private lessons):  in trumpet, cornet, trombone, baritone horn, euphonium, and tuba.

Brass (Small classes):  providing an enjoyable environment for players at a similar level to grow in both individual and ensemble practices and literature.
- intermediate mixed brass - accepting new players. 
- beginning homogeneous or mixed brass - as numbers permit.

Term Description: 

The school year consists of 36 lessons divided into four nine-week terms (unless otherwise indicated). Fees for each term for private lessons of 30/45/60 minutes are listed below:


Namesort descending
Eric Dettweiler, Trumpet Instructor, Beckett School at Laurier Eric Dettweiler
9 weeks of 30 min. ($238) 45 min. ($357) or 60 min. ($476)