Piano Facility Course


The goal of this course is to assist students in attaining facility at the keyboard and enabling them to pass the Equivalency Exam requirement!
Using a methodical approach and suiting the individual needs of students, this will be
accomplished through various assignments designed to build technique and sight reading skills at the piano. The instructor will also help students learn a variety of repertoire. Students who have prepared all of the necessary requirements, may take the examination at the end of the course.  Click here for the course description and course objectives

Location:  Piano Lab at Beckett School at Laurier, 190 Lester St., room 16C

Examination Opportunity: tba

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Contact:  519 578-3640 or beckettschool@wlu.ca or catherine_hewson@yahoo.ca

Term Description: 
12 weeks (24 sessions), Tuesdays and Thursdays
Module 1:  9:00 am; Module 2: 10:00  am; Module 3:  11:00 am; Module 4:  1:00 pm .
beginnng Tuesday September 13 and ending December 8, 2016
No classes during Fall Reading Week:  October 11 & 13, 2016


University students preparing for the Piano Equivalency Examination
$450 (includes registration fee)
Wilfred Laurier University, Aird Building,
75 University Ave. West Room 305, Piano Keyboard Lab, Music Faculty Building
Waterloo, Ontario
Phone: 519 578-3640


Namesort descending
Catherine Freitag-Hewson
9 weeks of 30 min. ($273) 45 min. ($410) 60 min. ($546)